organized by general topic and very much a work in progress.

gender in precolonial & nonwestern socieities
The Samoan Faʻafafine
Hijra: India's third gender claims its place in law
Muxes from the Zapotec cultures of Oaxaca (southern Mexico)
Kathoeys (Thailand)
What Chinese Opera Can Teach Us About Gender
Enaree, Scythian androgynous/effeminate priests and shamanistic soothsayers
Beyond binary definitions of Gender: The 3rd Gender in Africa
More Than Just Male and Female: The Six Genders in Ancient Jewish Thought
Boy-Wives and Female Husbands: Studies of African Homosexualities (on kindle)
Love and intimacy in late 19th and early 20th century Kwazulu-Nata
The Splendor of Gender Non-Conformity In Africa
Homosexuality is not un-African
Male Daughters, Barren Women and Virgins
The Forgotten Trans History of the Wild West
History of nonbinary gender

constructing the modern definition of sex & gender
Constructing the Hetero, Homo, & Bi System
The Physical Sex Spectrum
Africa: homophobia is a legacy of colonialism
Erasing Intersex: Christian Theology and Sexual Empire
No Girls Allowed:, Unraveling the story behind the stereotype of video games being for boys

The American Roots of Nazi Eugenics
The History of Contraception
Black (American) Linguistics: a twitter thread
The Catholic Church Has No Moral Argument on Abortions

MintPress News
LittleSis: Profiling the Powers That Be